Saturday, 27 June 2009

Trust The Prison Reformers

According to a report by the Prison Reform Trust, the government should stop building prisons and invest in treatment for addicts and effective health and social care.

What an excellent idea! This would go some way to compensate offenders for being unlucky enough to be caught and even unluckier to be sentenced.

My thinking is, reintroduce hard labour and capital punishment, then perhaps the prisons would have fewer ‘customers’, allowing some of the existing prisons to be closed down and demolished.

Job sorted, at no cost to the taxpayer!


  1. As you could expect - I'm on your side once again George! When I went by bus to see my mother on Wednesday I was saddened to see the now rundown RAF Coltishall which was closed (thank you Mr Blair)a couple of years ago. The houses have all been sold off but the saddest thing of all was knowing that the entrance, where once there'd been a lightning and spitfire, was no longer manned by our noble RAF personnel, but was now manned by a security guard directing building contractors to the site of the forthcoming prison. To think that over the last 70 years many an airman based there has lost his life to protect us and now it's going to house the type of people they were basically fighting against!! The poor men must be turning in their graves.

  2. Prison ships are a great idea. Fill them up and then tow them out into the North Sea and leave them there. No prisoners to keep or prisons to maintain. After two or three ship loads had been dispensed with this way, I think many would think twice about risking it.