Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Portfolio Without Minister

The Whitehall farce just runs and runs, and I don’t just mean the in-fighting and back biting over the last couple of days.

Last week, Mr Brown appointed Glynis Kinnock, wife of ex-Labour leader Neil, as Europe Minister.
OK, so she’s not an MP, but I can live with that, after all Gordon is running out of trusted sidekicks in the House.

Yesterday it emerged that she could not do the job because she was still an MEP!

Under EU Parliament rules, Glynis is not allowed to serve as a minister in a national Government until she steps down as an MEP on July 14.

She is reluctant to quit her job as an MEP as she would have to give up some of her rather generous pension and the golden handshake that goes with it.

What more proof do we need that we are being governed by headless chickens and a Prime Minister with a bullet hole in his foot?

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  1. Never mind, his best friend Sir Alan Sugar will sort it out! LOL It puzzles me how non MP's (unelected members in a democracy ...cough..cough system) can be offered such powerful positions.