Monday, 1 June 2009

Britain's Got A Lot To Answer For

There’s not a lot to choose from today, Alistair Darling or Susan Boyle. Miss Boyle hasn’t appeared on ‘Here’s George’ before so it’s got to be her turn.

It is reported today that Susan has been admitted to the Priory Clinic in north London, suffering from exhaustion after she (unexpectedly?) came second in the final of the ITV show ‘Britain‘s Got Talent’.
Apparently, Miss Boyle, who has learning difficulties, threw a wobbly at her London hotel and was interviewed by the police under the Mental Health Act. She then admitted herself to the clinic voluntarily, on the advice of a GP.

I’m not casting aspersions on Susan, she is who she is, my beef is with the production company of the programme.

Susan has a better than average singing voice but there are mezzo soprani in amateur operatic societies up and down the land with far superior voices to hers. I dare say that there were even some women auditioned for the show that had better voices than hers, but they were probably passably pretty.

In my opinion Susan Boyle was selected as a freak show exhibit. I can just imagine it now “She’s plain, dowdy, overweight and not quite the ticket, and she can sing a bit, let’s keep her in and we’ll get a couple of million extra viewers!”

They have probably promised her the earth, a promise they know they could never deliver. Yes she will make a few million quid from a record deal, yes she will be very famous for a few months, but it is all founded on her curiosity value. She has neither the temperament nor the mental stamina to become a superstar so why make her suffer?

Let the poor girl go back to West Lothian, back to being just plain old Susan Boyle, charity worker, before it‘s too late. Forget the recording deals and media coverage, for her own sanity, let her go!

The way she’s heading now she could become the Amy Winehouse of light music!

By the way. One of the boys in the winning dance troupe, ‘Diversity’, that went on to win the show, lives not five miles away from this very keyboard, so good luck to him, and them and well done.

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