Monday, 27 April 2009

We Know What You’re Doing!

There is a dearth of news in the UK today, I mean news that I find a tad incongruous, so come with me to Switzerland.

This must be the ultimate case of big brother or is that grand frère or perhaps even große bruder is watching you.

It appears that a Swiss woman was sacked from her job at Nationale Suisse after claiming that she couldn’t use a computer, and had to lie in a darkened room because she was suffering from a migraine. Whilst she was at home, suffering, the company noticed that she was using Facebook. This apparently destroyed their faith in her, so they had no alternative but to sack her.

How did they notice?

Well the lady claims that the company had created a Facebook account using a fictitious name, then the lady, for some reason only known to herself, became ‘friends’ with Mr, or was it Miss X. The company was then able to track her Facebook activities.

After she was fired, the ‘friend’ disappeared from her Facebook. Some friend that was!

So take that as a warning. The next time you shop on-line for a plasma screen TV, make sure that it’s not bigger than your gaffer’s, he may just think that he is overpaying you!

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