Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Climbing the G20 Summit

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 2nd is the big day, the start of the G20 summit in London. World leaders are meeting to discuss plans to tackle the economic crisis.

The Metropolitan Police reckon that the security alone will cost £7.5m. Add this to all the other costs, ferrying in the delegates from all over the globe, feeding, watering and entertaining them, it’s going to cost more than a pretty penny, more like a penny with looks to die for.

With homes and businesses boarded up, it doesn’t look like the local economy is going to make a brass farthing out of this exercise.

This is the technological 21st century, so wouldn’t it have been easier, cheaper and safer for all concerned to sit back in their favourite armchair, in the warmth of their own homes and do the whole thing by video conference?

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  1. Isn't is strange that the delegates arrive in London on ALL FOOL'S DAY?