Sunday, 5 April 2009

Jade Goody-bye

I’ve seen everything now. Yesterday, the Sky News channel devoted at least seven hours covering the funeral of Jade Goody.

I’ve never had much time for publicist Max Clifford, but anybody that can engineer a stunt like that for a commoner, has got to be a hero!

Natasha Richardson, a true international celebrity with internationally famous grandparents, parents, siblings, husband, uncles, aunts and cousins, died four days before Jade and we never learned of her funeral until the day after it took place. Max obviously wasn’t on the case!

I dare say Sky’s coverage took up more air time than Princess Di’s or the Queen Mum’s did.

Thousands lined the route, throwing what was possibly the entire stock of flowers from New Covent Garden at the hearse.

I spotted one wreath on the hearse that dipped its O Level English, ‘Gran Daughter’ . There were floral tributes with Jade’s comical sayings such as ‘East Angula’ and ‘Minging’, I must have missed the one that said ‘Shilpa Poppadum’, and one depicting a jar of ‘Marmite’, because like the yeast extract, ‘you either liked her or hated her’.

With Jade gone, which non-celebrity are we going to like or hate now?

Goodbye Jade, rest in peace. It’s been fun writing about you.

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