Friday, 20 March 2009

Who's the Sickest?

Ex-dental nurse and reality show participant, Jade Goody, has had the latest issue of ‘OK!’ magazine devoted to her dying with terminal cancer.

‘Ah, that’s nice!’, I hear you say. Not really, the poor girl is still alive.

On the front cover of the rag, directly beneath the title are the words, ‘In Loving Memory’.

This was not published in error as Mark Twain’s well documented obituary in the ‘New York Journal’, on which he commented “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”, in my mind, this is a blatant money making venture on behalf of the publishers of ‘OK!’ magazine.

What I find equally bizarre, is the fact that Ms Goody’s family have said that this ‘tribute’ is “very kind”.

I know that if I was the poor girl, I wouldn’t be laying in bed reading my obit, I’d be hoping and praying that a man, in a white coat with a hypodermic in his hand, would come running into the room at the last minute shouting, ‘Hold on, I’ve got the cure, I’ve got the cure!”

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