Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Northern Ireland and the War on Terror

It looks like the ‘old troubles’ are rearing their ugly head again in Northern Ireland with another politically motivated murder, the shooting of a policeman in County Armagh just two days after the murder of two soldiers in County Antrim.

A para-military group, the ‘Real IRA’, whoever they are, have claimed responsibility.
Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in condemning the attacks, insisted there would be "no return to the old days" in Northern Ireland.

It’s all well and good coming out with a hollow phrase like that, but what if it does escalate to the level of thirty years ago, with bombings and killings on mainland Britain?

What will the American stand be with their ‘war on terror’?
Will Barry Obama respond by pouring thousands of troops into the UK?
Will we see GIs in battle dress and US tanks on the streets of London and Belfast, shooting up the terrorists?

I don’t think so. The ‘Real IRA‘ aren‘t a Muslim faction, are they?

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