Sunday, 29 March 2009

These stories are getting a bit Jaded

No, no, no, no! Will nobody rid me of this accursed spectre?

As I was passing the news stand in our local ASDA supermarket yesterday, this headline on the front page, of all things, the ‘Daily Star’ caught my eye, ‘Hollywood Babe To Play Jade.’ Of course I had to stop and investigate further, furtively may I add, just in case any passer-by thought that I was actually going to buy the rag.

It transpires, if the story is to be believed, that Michelle Ryan is lined up to play Jade Goody in a film of her life.

Hold it there! Would that be the Michelle Ryan with the drop dead gorgeous looks and the svelte figure, the Michelle Ryan who played ZoĆ« Slater in the BBC soap ‘EastEnders’, the one who played the ‘Bionic Woman’? It certainly would.
Well, there’s a brilliant piece of casting. That’s comparable to Brad Pitt portraying Lee Marvin!

Will we see scenes of Jade doing heroic deeds on a par with parachuting into Arnhem or storming the beaches of Anzio?


According to the ‘Star’ it will follow her through her years as a dental nurse and applying for ‘Big Brother’ and, I quote, “It will have the saddest of endings, with her bittersweet wedding to Jack Tweed and her christening alongside sons Bobby, five, and Freddy, four.”

Personally, I think this story is just a bit of sensationalism, just there to keep the Jade machine rolling.

Are they never going to let the poor girl rest in peace?

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