Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Jade Effect

I’ve been hoping that this story would go away so that I didn’t have to comment on it, but it is now snowballing so out of control, I’m going to shove my oar in.

Now, I’m as sorry as the next man that Jade Goody’s life has been snuffed out at such a tender age with the dreadful cancer, but aren’t people in general and the media in particular making a mountain out of a mole hill?

From here on I’m probably going to be demonised and vilified by, who I shall kindly call, the intellectually challenged!

I don’t like speaking ill of the dead, which I’m not, I am telling it like it is, the truth.

All the time Jade was fit and well, she was the media’s favourite object of ridicule, since her illness was announced, sycophancy has crept in.
Let’s get it straight, Jade was a talent less nobody. She was just one of those people that are famous for being famous.

‘Jade has raised awareness for the need for screening’ shout the headlines. Jade didn’t raise awareness. Campaigning, handing in multi signature petitions at Number Ten or perhaps even a ride on a unicycle from Lands End to John O’Groats promoting your cause, that‘s raising awareness, selling the rights of your wedding to a celebrity magazine, isn’t. As far as I’m aware, Jade didn’t even go on TV and mention the need for screening.

I dare say that when Princess Di got killed in a car crash, more people started wearing seat belts in the back seats of cars. Di never advocated ‘clunk click’ in her lifetime.

The event caused the awareness, not the person.

Gordon Brown talked of his ‘sadness’, did he truthfully know who Jade was? Some clown on the Internet has even suggested that ‘Mothers Day’ be re-named ‘Jade Goody Memorial Sunday’. All of a sudden, it’s cool to love Jade.

Unfortunately folks, when all this fawning has finished, in years to come, all poor Jade will be remembered for is being, at best a loud mouthed bigot, or at worst, a loud mouth racist..


  1. Yes, George, I agree! You have said what many think but don't dare to put into words.

  2. Jade Goody was...end of comment

  3. Always the case when a d-list celebrity dies- dying seems to be their greatest act.
    Anna Nicole Smith gets more ET coverage now than she did during her life.