Thursday, 9 July 2009

Unhappy Hour

Pubs and clubs in Loughborough, Leicestershire are being urged not to sell cut-price alcohol, as part of a police campaign to discourage bad behaviour.

Local police officer, Sergeant Andy Thornley said "irresponsible" promotions, in which spirits are sold for as little as £1, can cause young people to drink too much and misbehave.

The officer also warned that bars running irresponsible drinks promotion "could face action and penalties".

Sgt Thornley continued, "We are talking to the owners and managers of licensed venues in the town to encourage them to keep their drinks above £1.50."

"Irresponsible drinks promotions, which offer spirits for as little as £1, can encourage young people to drink too much too fast and that often, and can lead to problems later in the evening."

Then comes the moment when the officer discharges a bullet into his foot!

"Loughborough is a great place to spend a night out and enjoys a safe and vibrant night-time economy," he said, "but inevitably there are a minority of people who drink too much and behave badly."

If it’s only a ‘minority of people’, why doesn’t Sgt Thornley and his men get out there and round them up, the job he is paid to do by the good burghers of Loughborough, instead of punishing the majority of people who drink, but don’t behave badly.

What’s next on the agenda? A minority of vegetarians abuse children, let’s make ‘em eat meat, or a minority of Christians commit murder, convert them to Islam?

Why blame everybody else for ineffective policing and the break down of law and order? Surely they don’t expect to get paid for doing nothing, or do they!

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