Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Babes And Sucklings

Cast your minds back to last February. Do you remember the headlines that went something like ‘Dad at 13’.

Alfie Patten, aged thirteen claimed that he had fathered the child of Chantelle Stedman, aged fifteen.

At the risk of sounding like Jeremy Kyle, a DNA test has proved that Alfie is not the father.

Alfie is said to be ‘gutted’ at not being Maisie Roxanne‘s dad.

Why? Because he has lost the kudos of being ‘a bit of a lad’ with his mates or is because he was hoping for a council flat along with benefits from the DWP?

Just be thankful for your fifteen minutes of fame son, and get on with your homework!

The real father? You’ll all be relieved to learn that he is a man of more mature years, Tyler Barker, aged fifteen!

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  1. It might do their street cred good among their friends but they have no idea of the responsibility involved...assuming that they care!